Remember to change your D-pieces once a month on your Bedfont Monitors

Bedfont recommend that for good infection control practice the D-Piece™ infection control one-way valve and filter for the Flatpak™ and SteriBreath™ mouthpieces is changed every 4-6 weeks or if visibly soiled/ruined, whichever comes first.

Bedfont have tested the filter with the British Health Protection Agency (HPA) and it performed to trap and remove 99.9% of all micro-organisms used to challenge, this report is available upon request. This prevents any micro-organisms from entering the breath monitor it is being used with. Also the one-way valve prevents the user from breathing back and inhaling micro-organisms that have been trapped in the filter.

If the D-Piece™ is used many times within a short period of time, the user may observe saturation of the filter due to the moisture build up from the humidity in patient’s breath. In some cases this can lead to leakage from the bottom of the D-Piece™. As stated above, the filter will remove 99.9% of all micro-organisms, therefore this leakage is only moisture, however the user may wish to discard or remove the D-Piece™ until it has dried out.

This excellent infection control allows them to be used for multiple patients in conjunction with single use Flatpak™ and SteriBreath™ mouthpieces, which must be renewed after every use.

With regard to using the breath monitor with patients whom have known infectious diseases such as hepatitis, viral meningitis, influenza etc Bedfont would recommend the use of a single use, personal carbon monoxide monitor at the discretion of the clinician.

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Posted On: 15/09/2016

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