Choosing the right CO monitor

The stop smoking advisor’s guide to choosing the best CO monitor.

Welcome to our handy product comparison page where choosing the right monitor for your stop smoking service is made easy.
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  Bedfont piCO Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor Bedfont piCO Baby Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor Bedfont Micro+ Smokerlyzer Breath CO Monitor
  Bedfont piCO Bedfont piCObaby Bedfont Micro+
Measures PPM and %COHb
For use with pregnant women (measures %FCOhb)
Large touchscreen display
No calibration required
5-year warranty for added peace of mind
Input of patient data on device
Memory storage
Ambient CO monitoring (Homes, vehicles etc.)
Adjustable interpretation ranges
Exports data to PC using Free COdata+ Software
PC real-time testing with Smoking in pregnancy software
Trade in discount available
Bulk buy discount available


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